Coat of Arms

The Farnsworth Family
of Camden, NY

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The 20th Century Farnsworth Tree
19th Century Farnsworths in Hermon, NY
18th Century Farnsworths in Vermont

Four Generations Photo

Farnsworth's of Camden Time Line

The History of Farnsworth Printing

We may be related if . . .
. . . your last name is . . . . . . and you're from . . .
Barrow Oswego, NY
Boyle Watertown, NY
Burgoyne Oswego, NY
Cooney Schnectady, NY
Farnsworth Anywhere
Folts Central NY
Healy Hermon, NY
Healy Williamstown, NY
Low Washington, DC
Reed Camden, NY
Smith Schnectady, NY
Smith Odessa, Ontario, Canada
Sutherland Hermon, NY

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