A.M. Farnsworth Takes Two Sons Into New Partnership

Almon G. and Theron A. Farnsworth become associated in Large Printing Business When New Year Begins -- Firm Name, A.M. Farnsworth & Sons.

A very important business change comes to light this week in the printing industry of Camden and, effective January 1st, 1939, the extensive printing business of Mr. A.M. Farnsworth will swing forward into the new year under the name of A.M. Farnsworth & Sons.

Entering into the new partnership are Almon G. Farnsworth and Theron Albert Farnsworth. The former has been proprietor of The Webb Press, specializing in milk tickets, with his printing outfit in conjunction with his father's plant, while Theron A. has been engaged for some time in familiarizing himself with the various departments of the printing business.

Busines Established 1896

For several years prior to the establishment of this business, Mr. Farnsworth, senior head of the new partnership, conducted a printing business at his home in Fourth Street, but in the spring of 1896 moved his outfit into the second floor of the Barnes block. More equipment was added and the new "young printer" was on his way.

Elements of good judgment and fine business tact led his efforts on to remarkable success, today culminating in one of the largest printing businesses in Central New York.

In 1905 Mr. Farnsworth moved his shop to a new brick block in lower Main street which had been specially designed and erected by him to accommodate his expanding business. The history from that time on has been one of growth, acquirement of more room, a battery of specially built automatic presses, etc. until today he has one of the most complete and convenient shops to serve his and the public's demands.

The Farnsworth shop has done much in placing the village of Camden "on the map", so to speak, for the main output from the plant has been through specializing in church printing. From all over the country many churches look to the Farnsworth church envelope house for their yearly supplies.

Perhaps no branch of our industrial life has done more for the village than has this shop throught its steady flow of employment. Its success is a pride to the village and as this new chapter in its history is briefly written every citizen will sincerely wish for Mr. Farnsworth and Sons continuance of the past phenomenal success.

REPRINTED from the "Camden Advance-Journal", Camden, NY, Thursday, December 22, 1939, Volume 66, Number 25.
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